Make it visible

K-Lite by Smile Line is a Smart Flashlight that helps dental professionals identify dental tissues, bacterial by-products and excess materials all in one like no other device in the market.

Smart, safe, portable. Perfect


Light & Portable

Wireless, ergonomic enclosure hand instrument with special grip. You can take it anywhere


Dual Light

- UV A Wavelenght 395-400nm 
- White light LED color temperature 6000K



K-lite uses ultra-efficient microprocessors (>95%) achieving high accuracy (<1%) and saving significant amounts of energy. It also uses batteries made out of recycled metals


Medical Approved

Certified as medical device by the European Standard Norm EN-1639

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You can see the list of official K-lite distributors. In case your country is not listed below, please email us at Our team will make sure you receive your K-lite

How it works

Most modern dental composites and resin adhesives are fluorescent due to its content of fluorophores. Under certain wavelengths of illumination (UV-A 395 to 400nm), these materials can be distinguished from tooth tissue. Therefore, significantly reducing risk of iatrogenic tooth damage when they need to be removed. The K-Lite is a groundbreaking dental device that allows in any dental discipline its appropriate indication

Level-up your Practice 



A must for the removal of excess or unwanted residual materials on teeth surface, easy and time saving bracket and attachments removal avoiding tissue damage


Periodontics / Dental Hygienist

Distinction of mature plaque and calculus thanks to the visualization of existing bacterial byproducts deposits on teeth surfaces that glow in presence of a certain wavelength. Safe and easy removal of perio-splints


Restorative & Conservative Dentistry

Remove restorations carefully avoiding damaging healthy dental tissues. Detect enamel demineralization, initial caries and, differences between affected and infected dentin. Use transillumination to identify cracks and fractures

"It may seem easy to give good review of my own product but the truth is that K-lite was created due to the necessity of seeing beyond the limits of my eyes"

Katherine Losada

Switzerland 🇨🇭 / K-lite CEO & Creator 



"The K-Lite is this clever lightweight instrument you can use with such great ease, that is why I love it. Its small tip makes it very agile and easy to use in all areas of the mouth.The Violet Mode helps me to diagnose active caries. The White-Light Mode is extremely useful to visualize cracks and inter-proximal caries"

Valentin Vervack

Belgium 🇧🇪 / Trident Ghent



"Dentists tend to buy a large number of things that we rarely use, however, this is a tool that far from being trendy, is really useful (...) I used to think during my practices that I was removing all excess residual material, nowadays I have realized I wasn't! I was unable to fully see it, K-lite has made it visible"

Alejandro Pineda

Uruguay 🇺🇾 / Clínica Lhasa



"I use K-Lite in my day-to-day practice for different purposes including the verification of complete resin residues elimination after removal of temporary bite-raising elements and the identification of micro-fissures in ultrathin ceramic veneers prior to and after cementation"

Oscar Gonzalez Martin

Spain 🇪🇸 / GONZÁLEZ+SOLANO Atelier Dental



"I use K-lite on a daily basis as it allows me to see and control the material removal favoring a minimally invasive practice. In my opinion every Dental Esthetic Clinic and Orthodontics should include K-lite to their protocols. It’s a must!"

Federico Brunner

Spain 🇪🇸 / Clínica Dental Orion



Frequently Asked Questions

General / Order & Delivery


Why should I have K-lite in my dental clinic? 

You may need K-lite in your dental clinic if you care about dental tissue preservation, if you look for a  minimally invasive practice saving time with a contactless minimal invasive diagnostic method and want to add value to your daily practice through technology

How long does it take to deliver my K-lite?

1-3 days after receipt of the order.  Delivery time is very variable depending on the country, we normally send  the estimated delivery date with the shipping details. In normal conditions it takes 10-15 days

Why is K-lite an Eco-Friendly Device? 

The technology inside uses premium semiconductor integrated circuits, achieving high accuracy (<1%) of both intensity and wavelength (color) of the two LEDs independently. In addition, it offers an embedded microprocessor for controlling the soft-start feature, increasing dramatically the lifetime of the two AAA batteries and achieving a power efficiency (of above 95%) when operated in normal conditions. Moreover, K-Lite features a smart timing auto-stop (after 10 s and 30 s respectively) which further increases its energy efficiency. Hence, the K-Lite product is practical, easy to use, and green for the environment. These features confer more flexibility and sustainability in the dentistry industry

What if I dont find a dealer in my country?

Write an email to the closer country dealer or contact us directly on 

Product Use & Warranty


Do I need to wear filter glasses/goggles with K-lite? 

The intensity  of the  K-lite LED ( near UV- type A )  is  designed within a safe luminescence range and  controlled by an electronic circuit. It could be used wearing transparent protection goggles  or your conventional prescription glasses. Non colored filter needed

What if I try to repair or open myself the K-lite?

IIf you open the sealed area (LED/ circuit area ) you automatically lose the warranty of the product. If you have a problem, contact us or contact the place/dealer where you bought it

The K-lite turned off immediatelly after turning on. Why does it hapens?

The batteries are losing charge, you need to replace them

What if I have a problem with the functions of K-lite? 

Write us an email info (at) describing your problem, if we could not find a solution we'll replace it for a new one

What is the SmileLine/Dealer product warranty? 

Regarding warranty, it is one year dated from the customer's purchase. The warranty covers the parts of K-lite and defects in internal software functions, non external damage or abuse. Read carefully the instructions to assembly included in the K-lite package

Why does the purple light flash every 10 seconds and after 30 seconds it goes off?

The violet light is of the UVA type in an intensity controlled by a mini software to imitate the human eye blink and protect us from the reflection of residual UV light on the dental surface. Each 10-second blink is used to: a) Indicate visual use time. b) Prevent heating of the LED that could cause damage due to its proximity to the pulp. and c) Save battery consumption

Find your local distributor around the world

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